Special (Group) Package

This is a Special Group Package (Special Package) for overcoming the challenges in fundraising that have come about because of the COVID Pandemic. Year over year fundraising numbers have consistently decreased in Canada and with the Pandemic the trend has only accelerated.  According to a study by Imagine Canada published in May 2020, just under three quarters of charities (73%) reported a decline in various types of donations. This Special Package will guide charities through this difficult time with a special year end plan to help charities raise funds in this difficult environment.


The Special Package is for a minimum of two or more charities. We get you set up on either your own systems or with a brand new free iteration of Salesforce NPSP. Please note that charities get 10 free licenses of Salesforce as long as you are officially registered. With your data we will move you towards an end of the year fundraising goal within months. This package is for three months and is meant to get your fundraising efforts up and running as quickly as possible.

Package Includes

• Special Package
• Requirements: You must have charitable/nonprofit status as defined by Salesforce to take advantage of this special offer.

Included in the Special Package is ACF Steps.  This is a system we use is Salesforce’s NPSP with the framework of Leads, Contacts, Campaigns, and Opportunities as well as customized objects to complete Major and Planned Giving Campaigns. The ACF Steps stages are (1) My Plan (2) My Pipeline, (3) My Connections, (4) My Outreach, (5) My Team, and (6) My Donors.  Since ACF Steps contains custom objects it can be set up on a new iteration of NPSP or can be set up on your current Salesforce iteration.  ACF Steps will help you start to fundraise immediately with your current data.

Initial Setup (Individual)

  1. My Plan: What do you have to start with? This is a deep dive into your previous fundraising and marketing efforts. (Individual)
  2. Database Review, Suggestions and Initial Import (Individual)
  3. Prospect Review (Individual)
  4. Strategic Planning: This is to make sure that you have the information necessary to fundraise (Individual)

Joint Coaching Sessions (Group) 8 Group Sessions - 4 Month Course

1. Fundraising 101 Introduction Lesson and ACF Steps Overview – Major and Planned Giving.
2. Data: Using my Data Effectively and How to Configure my Database
3. Campaign Plan
4. Making my Case
5. Outreach and Marketing: Constituent Outreach.

• Together we reach out to 30 individuals who will become your team.
• We provide the outreach engagement plans
• We provide the outreach emails
• We provide scripts
• We will help you grow your team

6. Proposal Writing
7. Moves Management Implantation
8. Donor Retention – Stewardship