ACF is a Salesforce consulting firm. Salesforce is a cloud-based custom relationship manager. You can do almost anything with Salesforce but because there is so much functionality, without guidance you will have a difficult time finding your way around. 

Salesforce offers 10 free licenses to charities and not for profits. The Power of Us program free licenses are more than enough for a small and medium sized charity to operate efficiently. 

Historically, Salesforce started to offer its software to nonprofits in 2008. There were approximately 5000 that started to use the Salesforce Platform as their main database. Now there are over 47,000 nonprofits which use Salesforce. 

There are many Salesforce consulting agencies but not many which focus on only charities and nonprofits. In addition there are even fewer that focus on major and planned giving for not for profits. 

This ultimate goal is to provide a simple system for fundraising professionals at charities to successfully complete major and/or planned giving fundraising campaigns.

ACF’s goal is to not only clean your data but also pinpoint which data is essential to facilitate a more efficient approach to both fundraising and non-fundraising related processes.  

Our approach is to create a simple environment within Salesforce to better accomplish your goals. The key is using the Lightning interface to put the most useful information on display for each particular user.

Our Services include

  • Salesforce NPSP Configuration
  • Process Automation
  • Data Cleansing
  • Data Deduplication
  • Data Alignment to Salesforce  
  • Data Migration to Salesforce  
  • Data Integrity Check 
  • Integration