Case Studies

The ultimate goal is to provide a simple system for fundraising professionals at charities to successfully complete major and/or planned giving fundraising campaigns. This is more than just a guide, the system will literally hold the fundraisers hand and walk the charity through the steps necessary to successfully run a fundraising campaign. The Case Studies below show organizations that were able to quickly start their fundraising efforts without extensive infrastructure.

Environment Organization

The ENGO is a volunteer-operated registered charitable organization concerned with conserving native plants in wild areas and restoring indigenous flora to developed areas.

The ENGO also believes that providing education and a breadth of opportunities to engage with communities will promote greater awareness, understanding, inspiration and volunteerism towards our unique and invaluable native flora.


The ENGO needed a solution to bring all of their diverse data into a single platform. As many organizations, the ENGO uses a software based, online tools such as Mail-chimp and Eventbrite. This has only become more prevalent during the pandemic, so now the ENGO uses online webinar and communication tools, such as, Zoom and Google Meet. All of these different services resulted in events being in one place,  activities and volunteers being in another and so on. In addition, the ENGO needed help with fundraising.

Project Details

The ENGO requested ACF’s help in fundraising. However, without having clean and connected data, fundraising is difficult if not impossible. The first step was migration of all data to Salesforce. Since Salesforce offers 10 free licenses to charities, The ENGO applied to the Power of One program and ACF started the discovery process. Before fundraising, ACF needed to fix the database but in order to fix the database ACF needed to conduct discovery. ACF talked to the executive team and the data manager as well. ACF found all of the requirements to complete the project and then started the data cleanup process.

Through the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) and the NPSP Data Importer all contacts were imported to Salesforce. With all members and constituents in the database, information from external services were either integrated or imported into Salesforce. In a matter of weeks we reconstructed over 10 years of records. In the process ACF corrected the ENGO’s data input process through Best Practices and also gave the ENGO  a 360 degree picture of their constituents.

The second step was starting the fundraising effort. Before using Salesforce all of the ENGO’s  information was packed away in a database, on spreadsheets, or in some google drive account and only viewable to someone who had access to the computer or the account. After the migration, not only was the data manager and the membership manager able to view the records but a limited number of Board Members as well as volunteers were provided access.

The key to making this work is the use of Salesforce Enterprise Level Security, profiles, permissions, and customized layouts. Although the Fundraising Leadership team is given access to Salesforce, they are only able to see the information they need. They can also take actions like send email, make notes, create tasks and keep track of other activities, creating a future for the ENGO which can build on their efforts.

Tools and Technology

The ENGO uses Salesforce NPSP. NPSP has everything the ENGO needs and much more. Actually, NPSP almost has too much functionality for such a small organization. Therefore, the key for ACF to get a successful result is to simplify and create a focus for the ENGO.


  • Discovery
  • Data Optimization
  • Strategic Planning
  • Campaign Development

Scholarship Foundation

The Foundation is an organization dedicated to helping students achieve their dreams. The Foundation is one of the most prestigious and well run charities in the their community.


ACF was engaged by the Foundation to lead the Annual Gala. Before leading the effort it was necessary to consolidate the Foundation’s disparate data sources. The first step was finding all of the data. This included previous gala data, endowment fund data, donation data and all other activity data. The key to this project was making sure that each gala was not a one and done event.

Salesforce NPSP was implemented and all of the data was compiled . Next Anyone Can Fundraise’s ACF Steps was used to manage the Gala and later prepare for a major campaign. ACF steps used the data already in Salesforce to move the Foundation’s gala efforts and fundraising efforts to the next level. Since the implementation the Foundation has improved its fundraising effort exponentially.

Tools and Technology

The Foundation is using Salesforce NPSP and ACF Steps.


  • Strategic Planning
  • Data Optimization and Consolidation
  • Campaign management
  • Gala management