ACF History

ACF evolved from our collective experiences in charitable organizations and as  Salesforce, fundraising and marketing specialists. ACF has over 10 years of collective experience in working in the nonprofit / charitable sector. ACF has experience  in volunteer recruitment, program development, volunteer management, membership management and grant development, building capacity and sustainability, web and marketing materials design.  The focus of ACF is managing campaigns through digital tools, understanding the resulting data and in the end creating successful campaigns.

ACF was born in 2018 when we started our initial outreach to Executive Directors, CEO’s, VP’s of Fundraising, Database managers, all types of individuals working at charities, Salesforce consultants, B Corporation entrepreneurs, and fundraising consulting firms to mention a few.

Each time ACF meets a new person the connection is valuable. This journey has led ACF to two major themes, fundraising consulting and Salesforce. These individuals  have given ACF advice about the different business models which they implemented when starting their consulting businesses and careers.  Most built their businesses from the ground up. Some added employees as they grew. Some added contract workers instead. The majority of businesses were remote. These individuals are Our Team and Our Connections and ACF will continue the dialogue with them.

ACF believes in design thinking. This entails ongoing outreach and prototyping. Therefore, ACF will continue to connect with new individuals. Our doors are always open to meet with new people. ACF knows that diversity will help us thrive.

Please feel free to reach out and we will always be happy to connect for a coffee or for now, a virtual coffee.