5 Ways Salesforce can help you declutter for the New Year (feat: Einstein – ACF’s mascot)

Before we start, I have a quick announcement. This blog post is brought to you by Einstein, our venerable mascot and in house genius. He is a neat freak and has insisted that he be a part of the decluttering effort.

All organizations have dispersed documents, dispersed data from different online resources, and dispersed money collected from different sources. This “important data” ends up being the clutter we are addressing in this article.

Merriam Webster defines clutter as the action of  filling or covering with scattered or disordered things that impede movement or reduce effectiveness.

So here are five ways to quickly declutter in time for the New Year.

1) Aggregate: Once you get this clutter into one place and in order, you will be able to glean important facts about your organization that may have been hidden because of the clutter. Salesforce acts as your container for these different types of data and allows you to connect them and make them useful again. 

2) Clean: With Salesforce you don’t need to worry about duplicate information. Salesforce blocks almost all duplicates if the correct rules are enabled. The standard tools to take care of duplicates records in Salesforce are called matching rules and duplicate rules. The jargon may be difficult to understand but the key is that if you enable the rules, the system pretty much prevents you from creating duplicate records.  I have included a link to a simple definition for your convenience, (click here). Personally, I like videos and this one is only 3 minutes :).  *On the right hand side is a picture of Einstein, who is super clean after a quick cut in August.

3) Rearrange and Organize: Put data in the right place. In Salesforce data has its own specific container. For instance, as you would expect, contacts have information related to the person like their phone number, email address, and birthday. However, what happens when you want to see the contact’s activities and donations while also viewing their personal information?  Salesforce allows you great flexibility by allowing you to connect different types of data on a single layout. *Einstein and a friend enjoy waiting for food under a table. Dogs don’t have a container.

4) Remove: Continuing on the topic of not being overloaded so you can get more done, remove all unnecessary information. Removing information from a page layout is easy in Salesforce. The question that you should ask yourself is when I am speaking to a potential donor, what do I need to know? You definitely need to know their name and phone number and likely email. But do you really need to know the transaction number for their last donation? With Salesforce important information can easily be displayed and you can easily hide noise. 

5) Watch the Video or read documentation: I have created a video that will walk you through the steps laid out above. Also, there are a lot of learning materials online, including tons of great resources on an interactive and educational website called Salesforce Trailhead. The Salesforce Trailhead is free and is available to all charities that are eligible for a free iteration of Salesforce (see below).

Einstein is able to learn to lie down through watching a video :).

6) Bonus Tip! If you are not a current Salesforce user but you would like to declutter for the New Year, Salesforce is free for nonprofit/ charitable organizations and charities who meet the requirements of the Power of Us program. Just apply with the Power of Us program (click here). If you are a Salesforce user you can also utilize their free support infrastructure. You can always book an appointment with the live agents, who are most often very knowledgeable. 

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And most importantly stay safe!

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