Latte, Life and Fundraising

Good morning everyone, 

This is blog edition #1. I know the first one will be most difficult. For the Anyone Can Fundraise (ACF) blog I want to do the blog my way. So if I am not talking directly about fundraising for charities please understand. The second premise of this blog is to bring some type of value to my readers. Enjoy and please let me know what you think. 

In today’s blog I will briefly write about my experience with coffee over the past six months. I love black coffee and I am addicted to caffeine. I also like latte’s. I don’t usually add sugar or other ingredients. However there is an amazing coffee shop in Encinitas, CA, La Costa Coffee Roasters, which does have a super tasty mocha espresso, yum. 

A new journey with coffee in Canada began on March 15, 2020. Our office closed and we were told to stay home. My wife had just come back from Spain and was isolated in her room.  My daughter and I were in the living room preparing for what was coming next, the unknown.

My Setup.

I no longer had access to the corner coffee shop. Yes, there is Uber eats and other delivery services but coffee doesn’t really travel well. So I did what any coffee addict would do, I bought the super cheap, De’Longhi EC155 (click here) espresso machine. My dad had bought me a more expensive version years ago but this one has worked well for the past seven months. After seven months of practice I feel like I almost have it. There are two keys to creating  successful art, good coffee and perfectly steamed milk. I found some good coffee from the De Mello coffee shop (click here) and the Social Coffee and Tea Company (click here). 

Before and After

Six months may seem like a long time but trust you me, latte art is not easy. Everyday I had three chances to practice, except for the days we ran out of milk. Then I realized that I was having trouble sleeping and I reduced it to two. Six months of constant practice – Monday through Sunday and now, drumroll, I have somewhat mastered the heart. The picture featured above is one of my recent attempts and the one to the right is my first attempt. I am not saying I am 100% accurate and trust me I am no artist but the coffee is good, the steam is right and I am happy in the morning. 

In a similar fashion, fundraising is a process. As you take the necessary steps you will achieve your goals but only if you slowly, methodically and systematically keep your focus.

Have a great day and please leave comments. 

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